Beijing Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering School

Beijing Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering School

Beijing InsBeijing_Institute_of_Technology_logotitute of Technology (BIT) is a public university with a traditional focus on science and technology but developing into other areas such as management and humanities. As a member university of National Key Universities, Project 211 and Project 985, it has been given priority sponsor from the Chinese government, the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the Ministry of Education (MOST) and the Beijing metropolitan Government.


BIT’s main campus is located in Zhuongguancun area, northwest of Beijing, which is known as an area with high concentration of universities, research institutions, high-tech companies, as well as knowledge and information industries, namely the Silicon Valley of China. BIT is an institution focusing on engineering education and research for decades, which also make it ranked top in China. While maintaining its traditional strength in engineering, BIT also pays great attention to the balanced development of other disciplines.

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AerospaceSchoolLogoThe history of the School of Aerospace Engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology can be traced back to 1957 with three designated directions including rocket design, rocket propulsion and rocket guidance technology. The school consists of four departments (Flight Vehicle Engineering, Flight Control, Launching and Propulsion Engineering, and Mechanics) and four research centers (Deep Space Exploration, Distributed System of Space Flight Vehicle, Dynamics and Control of Flexible Space Structures, and Autonomous Control of UAVs). The program of aerospace science and technology and the program of mechanics were ranked No. 6 and No. 9, respectively, by the Ministry of Education in 2012.

aero3The School of Aerospace Engineering is honored to be the host of the following key research facilities: Key Laboratory of Flight Vehicles Dynamics and Control (Ministry of Education), Key Laboratory of Deep Space Exploration and Autonomous Control (Ministry of Industry and Information), and 111 Talent-Attracting Program of Flight Vehicle Dynamics and Control (Ministry of Education). The direction in Flight Vehicle Designing in the school was named the National Key Developing Research Discipline. The school receives annual research funds of more than 100 million RMB. Sixteen research projects have been founded by NSFC in the year of 2012, including one for Creative Research Groups and one for NSFC’s Major Program with the total fund of 3.4 million RMB. In recent years, the faculty members of the school have been awarded the National Prize for Advancement in Science and Technology for four times.